Troubleshooting Tips For All Windows 7 Control Panel Options

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    If you have all Windows 7 Control Panel options installed on your computer, this guide should help you resolve the issue.

    What are the different options available in Control Panel?

    Control panels include virtual control panel storage, remote control panel, and physical control panel. You will use these panels to really do just about anything that is efficient. The remote control and media control panel allow you to perform control panel functions from any PC.

    The internals of Windows 7 tend to be somewhat cryptic.(and haughtily named) Control Panel. Choose Start → Control Panel to dive in.

    The only Control Panel categories that cover the breadth (and depth) of Windows 7 are stupid:

    • System and softwareDanger: Use a wide range of tools suitable for troubleshooting.and customize your PC, create real-time data backups, control howWindows conducts surveys, checks your performance rating, andusually start your computer when you don’t need it. checkPowered by powerful Windows 7 security, including Windows Firewall, Windows Defender and devices.the effectiveness of your antivirus software. You can also do it hereChanges in Internet Explorer security settings.Unfortunately, this category also includes all of our photography tools.yourself when the foot works reliably day after day. UseThis is part of the Leisure and Entertainment Control Panel.
    • Network and Internet: Create a network or homegroup. configurationInternet connections, especially if you are sharing an Internet connectionover the network, and also if you have a digital cable boxSubscription Service or Line (DSL). Manage conflicting wireless networks.Set up synchronization between computers mi. Lots of security settingsin this minor league, duplicate those in the “Safety” category.
    • Hardware sound: and the “everyone else” group. Add or remove printersand connect to other printers on the network. Troubleshoot printers.Install, uninstall and install options for scanners and digital cameras,Mice, competition controllers, joysticks, keyboards and pen devices. Power is also set here.
    • Programs: Add or remove certain features in some programs (mostincluding Windows 7 and office). Remove programs. Change destinationbetween file extensions and programs that use them (so you can play iTunes likeWMA files). Microsoft also kindly provides you with an efficient and easy way to purchase new exercises online.
    • User Accounts and Parental Controls: Add and remove user accounts.Windows home screen. Activate the guest account. Edit user properties, account, including passwords.Here appears pa Yes, with rudimentary parental controls, but even more soFor more options, you must download and use Windows Live Family Safety.
    • Appearance and Personalization: Enable Glass EffectIn combination with translucent windows. Change the look of your desktop -Background image, colors, slider, splash screen and icon type anddistance for example. Set the screen option (for example, 1280 x 1024or X 2048 1280) so that you can provide more information about yourselfScreen – just in case your eyes (and screen) can handle it.Hide the Windows taskbar when not in use and change itemsin the start menu. Change what Windows shows in Explorer when youSee file. Add fonts and remove them as needed.
    • Clock, language and region: set the date and time – double-click of courseThe clock on the Windows taskbar is much simpler – or maybe the displayWindows for automatic clock synchronization. You can also add supportfor various complex languages ​​(e.g. Thai) from right to left and additional languages,and change the display of date, time, currencyand therefore numbers.
    • Ease of Access: Change the alternatives to see the windshield, use the keyboardor mouse, or bring a piece of your exhibit with Windows Flash ifMusic was playing on the speaker. Also set up voice recognition.
    • All control panel items: Fold the control panel into a windowGenerate XP on a large number of small symbols stacked together.

    What are Control Panel items?

    center of action.Management tools.Autoplay.biometric devices.BitLocker Drive Encryption.Color management.qualifying manager.Date and time.

    Many control panel settings duplicate settings you access from other sources.Windows 7, but some features seem to need to be checked in the control panel.The pillars are mysteriously missing. You have at least 157 individual optionsin the Control Panel to start automatic Windows Update.

    windows 7 all control panel options

    Panel View Method

    There are two ways to view the control panel in an unbiased way. Basically you can double click the icon when it appears. now exists on the Windows desktop, click or “Start” button and similar, then the right menu appears, click “Control Panel”.

    You can choose twodifferent options, the items in this window are also “Customize your computer settings”.