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    In the past few days, some users have encountered an error message while trying to load BIOS Universe. This problem occurs for a number of reasons. Let’s discuss some of them below.


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    Latest version color = “# e0e0e0”

    – MVS and AES –
    v4.0, 05/06/2018
    – CD SYSTEMS –
    v3. 04/03/2016

    – Official home page –


    Welcome to the official homepage of UNIVERSE BIOS (also known as UniBios).

    Here you will find all the latest information about UNIVERSE BIOS for NeoGeo MVS, AES and CD systems.Keep in mind that this is not an official SNK bio, but homework to improve gameplay on NeoGeo hardware.

    ATTENTION! Sometimes fakeUNIVERSUM bios are sold on eBay, many retro gaming forums and other international e-commerce sites. In many cases, they will not work as expected for various reasons, including modifications or improper performance of the equipment.

    03/20/2020 – BIOS-Universe v4.0, relative to MVS / AES and v3.3 for CD, this article is free

    If you need help getting the EPROM, check the list of people on the download page above to get it. They are usually peoplewho has been supporting UNIVERSE BIOS over the years and you have made good contributions to the NeoGeo tracks in general.They are allowed to help you, support them, unlike any other seller on Craigslist and (or anywhere else) whose only interest is just their pocket.

    BIOS Universe Creator Software for Neo Geo Consoles has just released some sort of latest version (v4.0 for AES / MVS, v3.For 3 NGCD) available for download for personal use. Please, follow the rules of use and use Flash Cracks only for yourself or your friends, do not sell UniBIOS, which was written without the consent of the creator!

    Download your complete list of UniBIOS features here below. If you admire the work, consider donating to the project. The donation partner is on the same page: http: //unibios.free .fr / download.html

    universe bios download

    If you are programming yourself, search eBay for such chips and check out the following Amazon programmer:


    • Ability to quickly and easily switch operations from MVS time to AES time. You play your favorite games as a home console version that allows you to use one of the additional game options that some games have.
    • Ability to easily change the location of the country (great for games that are disabled(see Blood USA in the “Region” section).
    • Access to DIP DEBUG and developer mode.
    • Do you want unlimited life or it could be energy … So read on in games with a built-in cheat engine that currently contains over 1570 cheats !!!
    • Hiscore offers cost-effective support for SMKDAN AES hardware (requires memory chip).
    • PICKnMIX (161in1 see required), menu in additional information.
    • If you are not very happy with the tips, you can finally fix right in memory at any time and add your own.
    • A jukebox with which you can play on your refrigerator with game music without sound effects through the gameplay from above. A good option if you want to organize your MP3s.
    • CRC32 ROM, which can be used to check if the ROM of the game drive is working.
    • Allow real US region (correct display of portions in the lower left and right corner of the screen, as in a real US BIOS.
    • Arcade VS-MODE support is known to be JAPAN Bios version 6. Switch this function to hard immersion 2.
    • PC-2-NEO, which offers the special ability to download downloads and marketing information from the system using an easy-to-create character string.


    • Switch the room for selecting links and vice versa. This allows you to have a full SNK joystick so you can do whatever you want.
    • Once the region and mode of operation are determined, the BIOS remembers the settings that you eventually change again (requires a memory card on AES hardware to work here).
    • Access to the Memory Commonplace Card utility, no matter what mode the BIOS is in (with a particular MVS regular BIOS, you can never access this menu very well).
    • Enter test mode at startup without having to connect JAMMA test mode clamps or manipulate DIPs.
    • Improvements in the TEST MODE menu and test screens for Universal Serial Bus.
    • Hide DEV location view email (and red warning screens) from some online games when running MVS hardware in console mode or bothLearn AES in arcade mode.
    • Take a look at the internal storage with the built-in storage viewer in mind. This is useful for tracking down errors due to faulty locations (multi-slot equipment) or even the car simply won’t start.
    • Ability to smoothly restart the device without turning it on incorrectly.
    • Consider the total fatalities in your unrepaired AES vehicle from Samurai Shodown V (see specials below).

    universe bios download