Repair Sony TV Blue Screen Of Death Solution Easily

You should read these fixing methods when you get Sony TV Blue Screen of Death error.

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    Disconnect and reconnect the TV’s power cord to make sure it is securely attached. Try disconnecting all external smartphones from your Sony TV. Turn on your TV and try downloading an app like Netflix. If the person’s TV is now working properly, the specific malfunction could be with the computer devices connected to the TV.

    sony tv blue screen of death

    F. I always use blue screen on my TV. It happened last week. What can I do to fix this? – Penny, Corsica, Texas.

    The dreaded Blue Screen of Death is a serious issue affecting only select PCs. But modern smart TVs and smart TVs are as thin and complex as any PC, and therefore have the same design flaws.

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    But there are some things that you are likely to fix on the blue screen image, or at least find that the problem is with your TV and something else.

    sony tv blue screen of death

    1. Before making any product, make sure your TV receiver is just turned on and the cables are securely connected. You would be surprised how often cables are pushed and loosened with pets, children, or anyone else besides you. If the product is turned on and the cables are OK, but the screen is still very blue or the “No Signal” message, go to step # 2:

    2. Select the remote controlcontrol and press the Input or TV / Video button to see if the signal is from another source connected to the TV, such as a Blu-ray player or game console. For example, if you’ve already connected a cable or satellite box to the HDMI1 port and it displays a blue screen or no signal message, press the Input, TV / Video button until another HDMI port or another HDMI connection appears. The device is connected. If the HDMI port is also showing a red screen at the moment – and you are not receiving a signal, image, or any other port – do so to make it # 3.

    (Note: if only one machine is connected to your TV, put z to # 3)

    3. Reboot the TV receivers by unplugging them after about 20 seconds. Meanwhile, also remove the HDMI cables. Then plug everything back in and plug our cables back in. If you still cannot find the photo, go to step # 4.

    4. At this stage, we are faced with options. If there is only one device connected to the TV, the problem may becan’t be in it. For example, you may need a new cable or satellite box. However, if you have multiple devices similar to your TV and no one can get the picture through the HDMI port, this is probably not a problem with the device. The problem is probably with your TV. Can I call your TV support team and ask for help?

    How do I fix the blue screen of death on my TV?

    Reset your receivers and TV by turning them off for about 20 minutes. Meanwhile, also remove some HDMI cables. Then reconnect everything and reconnect the cables.

    One final note: if you have an AV receiver connected to your TV, make sure it is properly programmed for video. It is likely that the AV receiver’s video resolution feature has been disabled due to electronic burst or something else. I was criticized once – I turned on the video function again and all of a sudden that bad blue screen was gone.

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    Why is my TV only showing a blue screen?

    The output where the TV shows a lemon screen with no picture is most common in older systems where the TV is connected to an absolute set-top box or VCR using your own coaxial cable and requires your own. Televisions can be tuned to channel 3.0 or 4 to receive your signal.

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    Why is my Sony TV screen blue?

    A pink screen will appear if your 4K Ultra HD media player is not connected to the correct HDMI® input on your Sony® 4K Ultra HD TV. Make sure the TV can be described as connected To the active Internet. Connect our modem or router to the LAN input of your 4K Ultra HD media player using a LAN cable.

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