How Can I Fix Servlet Loading?

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    Sometimes your computer may generate an error code indicating that a servlet is loading. There can be several reasons for this problem. A load-on-startup element that points to a web application that the servlet loads every time it deploys or starts the server if the value is positive. This is always called pre-initialization with respect to the servlet. You can pass positive and negative values ​​to the servlet.

    How To Specify The Loading Order Of Servlets Using The Tag?

    What is life cycle of servlet?

    The servlet’s daily cycle can be defined primarily in terms of the entire process, from its inception to its destruction, after which there are paths that the servlet itself follows.

    In this case, we have three servlets, generally defined in the web.as xml, DemoServlet1 and servlet lessons DemoServlet2, loading at startup contained a precious >=0, both will overflow as soon as the server starts. However, the DemoServlet2 servlet class will be loaded before the demoservlet1 class, it has a lower value when loaded on startup.


    toThe element specifies that any servlet should be loaded on creationweb application. content Optional of this element must bebyA positive integer indicating the number in which order the servlet should beBe responsible. Servlets with lower values ​​are loaded before servletsmore bid high. If no best value is specified or an actual integer value is specifiednot a number, some positive, containers can load our own servletat any time in the new order.

    Load On Startup:

    load on startup is a passed attribute in the web servlet attribute.xml. It is used to control the loading servlet by the web server assembly. As we have seen, the servlet is loaded from the moment of the first request. In this case, the response time is to increase the first request. If this file in web.xml specifies loading at startup on servlet number one, then this servlet will be loaded at startup on the server. Therefore, the response time for the first request does not significantly increase.

    Servlet Basics

    Most HTTP servlet development follows some standard, they are written publicly as classes extending the HttpServlet class. The servlet overrides methods and init() hence destroy() when required. code to do some initialization work when the servlet is loaded from the bulk of the container, or when the exit code is really needed when the shutdown container is the main servlet. Servlets Most replace the doGet() method or doPost() formula of HttpServlet to handle HTTP GET or POST requests. These are at least two methods and accept request policy responses.

    servlet loading

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