We Solve The Problem That The Water Dispenser Of The American Samsung Refrigerator With A Freezer Stopped Working

This guide was created to help you when you receive the “Water Dispenser in samsung American Fridge Freezer has stopped working” error message.

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    Often your refrigerator’s bottled water dispenser stops working due to a frozen water supply pipe. This is a problem with conventional side-by-side refrigerators, where the pipe connecting the water supply to the door, where the water dispenser freezes due to the wrong temperature.


    Why does my Samsung fridge make ice but not water?

    For example, if ice cream dispensing is not possible, this means that the childproof lock is activated. Or, if the ice cream tastes strange, customers may need to change the water filter. If the ice maker is making ice, but the ice is small, too cloudy, dirty, or stuck together, the problem may be insufficient water pressure or a bad water filter.

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