Tips For Recovering Rundll32 Exe File

You may come across an error code pointing to the rundll32 exe file. As it turns out, there are several ways to fix this problem, so we’ll discuss it shortly.

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    The rundll32.exe program exists in the executable programs contained in the DLL documents. DLL is a dynamic link library, a set of common exercises that is used by a number of classes on Windows. To run any of these routines directly, the rundll32.exe computer software lives up to its name and runs the program DLL file.

    You are not thinking about reading this article, because you looked into the task manager and wondered what are these functions of rundll32.exe and softwarewhat they are doing … definitely. So what are they?

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    This article is definitely part of our ongoing series on various processes in Task Manager such as svchost.exe, dwm.exe, ctfmon.exe, mDNSResponder.exe, conhost.exe, Adobe_Updater.exe and many more. Do you know what these services are? Try reading better!


    If you’ve been in the Windows Marketplace for a long time, you’ve seen many dynamic link library (* .dll) files in each application folder that are used to store common parts of the application’s reason. available for many applications.

    Since it is not possible to run the file directly, the rundll32.exe DLL application is simply used to discard the functionality of the broken DLL. This executable is a valid member of Windows and is generally not a threat.

    Note. The actual process was usually located at Windows System32 rundll32.exe, but sometimes spyware uses the same filename when launched from a different directory to disguise itself. If you and yourthe family thinks you have a problem, you and your family still need to have a CT scan to be really sure, but we can see exactly what methods are being used … read on.

    Search with Process Explorer on Windows 10, 8, Vista, etc.

    rundll32 exe file

    Instead of the Task Manager, we can use the free Microsoft Process Explorer Pricing Utility, which unfortunately has the advantage that it works on any version of Windows and is the best choice for all troubleshooting tasks.

    rundll32 exe file

    Just start Process Explorer and select File Show All Process Details to make sure you see everything.

    If you now hover over rundll32.exe in the list, you will see a new tooltip with detailed information about what it really is:

    Or you can right-click, select Properties, then take a look at the Image tab to see the full path that is being run, and you can even look at the parent process, which in this case is Windows output (explorer .exe), indicating that it probablyit was clearly created from a startup item or shortcut.

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    You can scroll down and view a specific detail of the file as we did in the Task Manager above. In my case, this is a good part of the NVIDIA loss panel, so I won’t do anything about it.

    How to disable the Rundll32 process (Windows 7)

    Depending on the overall operation, you usually do not need to disable it, but if you want, you can find and run msconfig.exe from the Start menu. You can usually find it in the Commands column, which is usually the Command Line group, which should look like we saw in Process Explorer. Just uncheck the box so it doesn’t start automatically.

    Sometimes a task does not have an autoload element. If this is the case, you will probably need to do a little research to figure out where it started. For example, if you open the display properties below, you’ll see another rundll32.exe listed just because Windows internally uses rundll32 to launch the dialog.

    Turn off Windows in or 10

    If you have multiple Windows or 10, you need to You can use our own Task Manager launcher to disable it.

    With Windows Many or Vista Task Manager

    One of the advantages of Windows 7 or Vista Task Manager is the ability to see the entire command line while any application is running. For example, you will see that I need two rundll32.exe processes in my list here:

    If you do go to the View Select Columns menu, you will see the Order Line option listed. All in all, this is what you should check out.

    Now you can get the full path to the declaration from the list, which turns out to be valid because rundll32.exe is in the System32 directory and the whole argument is another dll that definitely looks like it works.

    Is it safe to delete rundll32?

    Rundll32.exe is still widely used by viruses and spyware. However, Rundll32 is not the culprit and should never be removed or disabled – it’s an awesome Windows-critical process. Disabling rundll32 will make your system unstable, or worse, prevent Windows from starting altogether.

    If everyone is looking for this file, which in this example is probably nvmctray.dll, you usually see what it really is when you hover over the file name with your computer:

    Alternatively, you can view properties and view details to see the file description, which is usually reported to you the purpose of this file.

    Is rundll32.exe a virus?

    rundll32.exe is a good reliable legitimate process file that is responsible for running all dll files as well as putting them in their respective memory collections. Malware programmers create virus data and call it rundll32.exe in order to spread malicious entries over the Internet.

    Once we know what it is, we can determine if most of us want to turn it off or not, which we’ll discuss below. If most of the information isn’t everything, someone should google it or recommend a helpful forum to someone.

    Generally, when almost everything else fails, you should post the full path to the team on some really helpful forum and get some advice because someone else knows.

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