Easy To Fix Redhat Path To Kernel Headers Solution

If you have Redhat’s path to kernel headers on your PC, this guide might help you fix the problem.

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    I am working with VMWare 11 but trying to install VMware resources on Redhat Linux 7.1. I am usedI used yum install for GCC and MAKE as well as kernel headers. 🙂 .If I. Use .RPM. If the device doesn’t care what I enter as the primary path, it says it is usually invalid.

    I am trying to compile the c development package (thc-ipv6-0.7) on Linux Redhat 2.6.9-42.ELsmp and it complains that it cannot find “linux / string.h”.

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    I discovered through Google that it was partly some kind of “kernel header” package.

    This shows that “kernel-devel” is installed (which I think I need), but not “kernel headers”.

    “Find versus -name string.h” means that string.h is used in many places on the system, including “/ usr / include”.

    redhat path to kernel headers

    I tried adding “-I / usr / include” to the make file, but got the same error.

    My question can be summarized as follows: Should I organize the “kernel headers”, and if so, where to find them and in which version?

    How do I know if kernel headers are installed?

    First, use the dpkg-query command to check if your product has the correct kernel headers. Go ahead and set the appropriate kernel headers as you will see. Make sure the appropriate kernel headers are installed successfully. The default location for kernel headers on Debian, Ubuntu and Linux Mint is / usr / src. … !

    redhat path to kernel headers


    requested 7/31/09 at 5:50 PM


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    Where are the kernel headers on redhat?

    Kernel headers can be obtained by installing the original kernel RPM. The kernel source RPM file can be found on the Red Hat Network (RHN) through the channel for the user’s system. A kernel source RPM installation should provide all of the kernel sources, including headers, in / usr / src / linux- !

    In general, you should directly install the version of these header types that matches the kernel version of the computer you are running the product on. If you really want to run locally, 2.6.9-42.

    How do I find the kernel header path?

    On Debian, Ubuntu and their derivatives, each kernel header file can be obtained from the / usr / src directory. You can use the following command to check if the correct kernel headers are attached to your system for your kernel version.

    The message you received was complaining about “linux / string.h” and not “string.h”, so you need to add a directory site with a linux subdirectory for example.

    I’m not very well prepared for Redhat.Also how to install them (probably the revoltions-per-minute command) and where they are likely to be installed (for Debian and derivatives, you need -I / usr / use src / linux-kernel-version / include ” ).

    answered Jul 26, 2009 at 18:18

    Where are linux kernel headers?

    The libc system headers are usually stored in the default position / usr / include and hence the kernel headers in the subdirectories below (specifically / usr / include / linux and / usr / include / asm).


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