Python Indentation Bug Fix Suggestions Vim

Over the past few days, some readers have reported a Python vim indentation bug.

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    Usually the problem is a confusion between tabs and spaces –

    1. Use the previous command in Vim to highlight check marks, spaces and other spaces in a different way.

    : set listchars = tab:> -, trail: -, eol: $ list

    How do I fix inconsistent tabs and spaces in indentation Vim?

    Open the Vim file. Enter: retab and: a. Run the file again.Open a new file again and type: retab! and: x. Run the route again. Always a TabError message.Open the file again and Category: retab! 4 and: x. Run some file again.

    : set shiftwidth = 4 tabstop = 4 expandtab To 
    : retab 

    solves the problem, Vim automatically addresses almost all of the benefits of indentation and tab mixing.

    1. Set “List” so families can see both spaces and changes.

    nnoremap : setlocal lcs = tab:> -, trail: -, eol: $ list! execute?

    : verbose set of ts? and? 

    How do I set an indent in vim?

    For normal indentation of the current line or beauty block: Ctrl-t, Ctrl-d – move a continuous line forward, backward (insert mode)> or <- obstruct with sw (repeat with !!!), then try pressing F5 Important in mode inserts (or simply: install paste).

    3. To expand all pointers (spaces greater than tabs), use retab.

    Retab captures the region, so do not enter a percentage for “whole file”.

    : set tabstop = 4 “To match python file: set noexpandtab “Use checkboxes, no spaces:% retab! “Recover huge file size

    Author: Naved

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