Repair Osgi Equinox In Servlet Container

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    If you have osgi equinox in a servlet container on your system, we hope this tutorial will help you.

    osgi equinox in a servlet container

    One of the original goals of the server side function was to check focus on startupand interact with some containers on the server side. There is currently active work being done to support integration using the servlet container.


    • org.eclipse.equinox.servletbridge
      Launches a frame and provides a place to put servlets in each of our containers.
    • org.eclipse.equinox.servletbridge.http
      Go back to the servlet website link and redirect requests to a specific servlet container to provide the Http OSGi service.
    • org.eclipse.equinox.http.servlet
      Provides an HttpServiceServlet used by http.servletbridge, which registers OSGi as an Http service upon initialization.
    • [optional] org.eclipse.equinox.http.registry
      Provides resources, servlets, and httpcontext extension points based on the OSGi HttpService.

    These four elements can be downloaded from the Equinox CVS repository.
    (e.g. cvsroot / eclipse / org.eclipse.equinox.servletbridge)

    To develop networked applications, you will also need the ask javax.servlet package from the Orbit Depot resume.
    (for example, cvsroot / tools / org.eclipse.orbit / javax.servlet [ve ka v2_3 and also v2_4])]

    [Recommended] If you are using Eclipse it can be much easier to “import” a bunch of team projects with anything useful.(regular) or assembly (proxy)

    • For these projects, you must prove that you will alternatively run the Eclipse 3.2 SDK later.

      Quick Start


    A series of tips to get you started in minutes.

    1. Install a servlet container (e.g. Tomcat, Jetty, etc.).
    2. Download and install this prepackaged web application archive. (bridge.war) [built 02.04.2007]
    3. Start the web container and make sure everything is installed correctly by going to “/ sp_test”. (for example http: // localhost: 8080 / bridge / sp_test)

    To get started, you should be familiar with using the OSGi console to control the platform.

    Here are some Eclipse projects that can help you get started with the OSGi Http Service:

    • sample.http Demo – Basic usage of the Hello World type associated with OSGi Http Service
    • sample.http.registry is incredibly identical to the sample. But instead http uses the growth points from org.eclipse.equinox.http.registry

    You are alsoYou can read if you can install the http console package described here and get started.


    • Command Line Allows all non-VM command lines to customize Eclipse.
      The default is “-console”, so you can use the console to “experiment” with managing a good active structure (eg install, launch, weight loss, packages).delete, etc.). The program is currently configured to use standard I / O right awaystart the application server process.
    • enableFrameworkControls (true / false) – controls related to whether or not sp_ * control urls are available
      • sp_deploy – copy the stories from / platform to the install part (the tempdir context of the servlet is fetched – can be configured one day).
      • sp_undeploy – Removes an exact copy of an eclipse from a location in this area.
      • sp_redeploy – reboot process (for example, stop, increase deployment, provision, start)
      • sp_start – starts the bundled platform.
      • sp_stop stops – this platform
      • sp_test – GeneralProvides health monitoring and determines if the OSGi servlet is ready to accept requests.

      These commands are available at http: // yourhost / yourcontext / sp_command. (for example, http: // localhost / bridge / sp_stop A)


    1. Write a delivery package that uses the OSGi Http service authorized by org.eclipse.eqinox.servletbridge.http
    2. Write a package that adds extension organization for .eclipse.equinox.http.registry

    The features offered and the two approaches are very similar. The dotted extension should be org.eclipse.equinox.http.registry.just mapping OSGi to HttpService.

    Building Information

    The current Eclipse build tools, in addition to these wizards, do not directly support this type of application.build has been tested with a number of Ant programs and resource models

    At a high level, the idea is to create a nice WAR file with the following structure:

    • / WEB-INF
      • /web.xml (with a servlet entry that redirects all incoming requests to the BridgeServlet)
      • /lib/servletbridge.jar (classes related to the.servletbridge equinox)
      • / eclipse (Eclipse software directory)
        • launch.ini (contains properties of nprograms that allow you to overwrite some properties of the Eclipse system)
        • / configuration (contains config.ini, which lists some of the packages you wish to have available)
        • / Features
        • / plugins

    The above structure is very similar to an RCP application with the / eclipse directory.a very important factor, similar to the RCP biography (but of course with much more appropriate components)for server side communication).

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    A sane way to represent an assembly is to split it into two parts:

    1. The real part of the web application (based on each servlet bridge)
    2. Part of a solar eclipse.

    Then the two parts need to be merged by adding the shading part to “/ eclipse”.Phone book.

    org.eclipse.equinox. Contains an ant script bridge servlet in “/scripts/webAppBuilder.xml” that can be used by the build IDE.for the structure of war files. (It can also be used for headless assembly by adjusting the property selection)In addition, “/ temates” offers informational content such as web.xml, launch.ini, and config.ini, which iscan also be adapted.

    1. Synchronize the following project from this Equinox Incubator site
      • org cvs.eclipse.equinox.servletbridge.feature
    2. Right-click the webAppBuilder.xml script in the Run And Result As Ant IDE. So
      (Note: the main task of pde.exportFeatures is available in the IDE.”Run in the same JRE as the workspace” on the JRE tab in “Run Ant ..”)

    osgi equinox in a servlet container

    As with RCP applications, there are many possible configurations. What is givenat org.eclipse.equinox.servletbridge.feature there is an option.


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