Best Way To Fix Oracle Separator Is Null Error

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    Sometimes your computer may return an error code indicating that the Oracle divisor is zero. There can be several reasons for this problem. Description. Oracle / PLSQL NULLIF target compares expr1 and expr2. If expr1 and expr2 are the same, NULLIF returns NULL. Otherwise, expr1 continues.


    Oracle Tips by Donald Burleson

    question:I am using this query and it is returningThis separation is practically error-free:

    STUSECMTAMT.totdebit / STUSECMTAMT.totalcr,
    STUJOURNAL.cre_bal / (STUSECMTAMT.totdebit / STUSECMTAMT.totalcr)

    A. V. vhno = STUJOURNAL.ref_no
    STUSECMTAMT.studegid = STUDEG.studegid;

    What is Pragma Exception_init in Oracle?

    The EXCEPTION_INIT pragma assigns an Oracle error group exception to this rule name. You can catch any ORA error and write a specific handler for it instead of using the OTHERS handler. A custom exception indicated that this was part of the current scope. PRAGMA. Indicates that this directive is another compiler directive.

    ERROR on line 1:
    ORA-01476: divisor usually zero

    How do you resolve a divide by zero error in Oracle?

    Use the NULLIF function on the new denominator with zero second argument.Often the value of the first argument must also be null, this function returns a nice null value.

    Can anyone shed some light on how you feel andmanage anti-bug unit?

    Answer:Oracle’s oerr utility demonstrates this skill by dividing ORA-01476 errors by zero:

    The ORA-01476 divisor is zero, which helps to zero out

    Reason: An expression that was trying to divide by zero. Correct

    Action: Expression, then repeat the process.

    You can additionally use a decoder or their box. to capture 0catch the unconditional overriding this SQL.

    Besides DECODE CASE, there is one more option – to catch the error.in PL / SQL with the zero_divide option. Just try one