Solutions For File I / O Error Ora-27072 Provide More Information

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    Hopefully this guide will help you if you notice any additional information related to the ora-27072 file I / O error. Occasionally, you may receive an “ORA-27072: File I / O Error” error message. This error is very similar to a memory error. So contact your storage administrator to resolve storage / FC issues like storage / FC / multipath errors that make hard drives inaccessible.

    ORA-27072: File I / O error
    Linux-x86_64 error: 5: I / O error
    Additional information: 4
    Additional information: 449144
    Additional information: -1
    WARNING: Write error. Group: 1 Disk: 1 AU: 54 Offset: 3469312 Size: 4096
    NOTE. Cannot write blank page for DATA Disc Group
    NOTE. Run Offline Cache from Disk Group 1 DATA
    NOTE. : _lgwr_ +. The asm5 (19958) process starts offline from hard drive 1.3473420451 (DATA_0001) with a blank 0x7e in group 1

    This helps a person to count how much time has passed since the session and then find out the sql_id with the record associated with the session.

    ora-27072 file i/o error additional information

    ; B. segfile #
    , b.segblk #
    , (round ((b.blocks * p.VALUE) / 768/1024), 2) size_mb
    and a.SID
    , a. serial #
    A, .username
    , a.osuser
    , a.program
    , a.status
    FROM v $ session to
    . v $ sort_usage b
    , v $ process c
    ! v $ parameter p
    O p.NAME = “db_block_size”
    AND a.saddr = b.session_addr
    AND a.paddr means c.addr
    , born segfile #
    , b.segblk #
    , b.blocks

    Is this an explicit file I / O error, or is the situation not good enough?Where to store the backup? How do I view an RMAN backup?ended?

    Make sure you have Oracle software installed (Oracle user during default setup)at the operating system level always has full access rights to the system file ina new mount point. If ok, set up your DVDDirect the channel explicitly and see if this tool works.

    ReasonThere is usually not enough free disk space to handle this error.player to complete all spare parts.

    To fix the error,this also cleans up junk files on the hard drive,or add disk space to your hard drive and then run someone else’s RMAN backup again.

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