Fix And Fix Jpgraph Error When This PHP Installation Is Not Configured With

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    Over the past few days, some of our readers have told us that they have a jpgraph error where this PHP installation is not configured.

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    jpgraph error this php installation is not configured with the

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    jpgraph error this php installation is not configured with the

    I have a PHP application that p It runs WAMP and uses JPGraph. Everything works well. Now I am trying to deploy an application to a production node, which was running native PHP Apache instead of WAMP and got the following error:

      Note: use undefined constant IMG_PNG - consider 'IMG_PNG' in C:  Program Files  Adaptive  webPortal  models  jpgraph  jpgraph_errhandler.inc.php on Ray 282JpGraph error: 25001 This PHP installation has not configured GD from the local library. Please recompile PHP with GD to support JpGraph. (No effort exists for either imagetypes () or imagecreatefromstring ()) 

    Now I seem to have run phpinfo () , and although the expected GD is not enabled on the production server. The biggest difference I can see is the PHP version; WAMP ships with PHP 5.4.12 and your current production has PHP 5.3. So the server has an older version 29 installed. The problem is it has to work on Windows and I can’t buy a Windows PHP installation for pretty much any version above 5.3.29.

    However, I cannot find a reason why I cannot enable GD in the same way on a production network. BUT:

    • Expdll = php_gd2.Line uncommented to php.ini.
    • php_gd2.dll is located in PHP ext

    So … yes. I’m a little stuck, haha. Can most people help? Thank you in advance !

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