Troubleshooting Tips For IPhone In Safe Mode

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    If you learn how to use iPhone in Safe Mode, this guide will help you. To turn on safe mode, press and hold the power button until the shutdown icon appears.Press and hold the shutdown icon until the prompt for safe mode appears.Select Safe Mode to confirm.

    Safe Mode is a feature that prevents third-party apps from running in the background on your iPhone. This allows you to uninstall or uninstall applications that are suspected to be causing the problem.

    However, this safe mode also resets some of your good internal settings, and the iPhone utility button will work fine again when it doesn’t. Lock the mode of your new iPhone 4. This will be extremely useful if your business wants to get rid of the main problems of Android users.

    • Part 1. What is Safe Mode on iPhone?
    • Part 2: How to manually put Apple iPhone 4s into Safe Mode
    • Tip: With Tenorshare ReiBoot, it’s important to switch to recovery mode with one click.
    • Frequently asked questions iPhone Safe Mode

    Part 1. What Is Safe Mode On IPhone?

    How do I take my iPhone off of Safe Mode?

    Method 1: Select “Restart” in the safe mode notification. In the safe mode pop-up message, click Restart.Method 2: hard restart iPhone.Method 3: remove bad / incompatible packages.Method 4: restore iPhone

    iPhone Safe Mode ensures that all content such as themes or optimizations that could cause operating system problems or various other optimizations are disabled. This will help loosen up your iPhone or remove the specific backing that is causing these problems. Would you like to learn how to put iPhone 6s into Safe Mode or put Android 8 into Safe or Fresh Mode? Here you will find the answer to your questions.

    Part 2: How To Manually Put IPhone Into Safe Mode

    How to put iPhone into Safe Mode? In case your current iPhone shows some malfunction, it is important that the person manually backup the iPhone according to the mode. In some cases, you may be able to put iPhone into current Safe Mode when iPhone is frozen during the recovery process. The safe method for your iPhone is the best way to analyze problems.

    Follow the steps below as if you don’t know how to safely use iPhone manually.

    • Step 1. You Turn off your iPhone.
    • Step 4. When the iPhone is fully developed, turn it on again by briefly pressing the Power button.
    • Step 3. After your device turns on, press the corresponding Volume Down button until viewers see the Apple logo.
    • Step 4. Once the device is booted, it goes into “safe mode”.

      Now select safe mode
    • Step 5. Then you can remove any themes or optimizations that are causing the problem.

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    If buyers find that the problem has gone into Safe Mode, at this point, the apps can be uninstalled one by one and try again normally to triple the problematic app, or they can reset iPhone to factory settings and selectively install apps and card games.

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    For the recovery process, you have another simple and extremely fast way – Tenorshare ReiBoot. It answers prompts with one click until you put your phone into recovery mode without pressing a key right away.

    How do I turn on Safe Mode?

    While the device turns on frequently, then press and hold the power button.In the current context menu, press the power button.Tap and hold the Mute button until you see Restart Speech in Safe Mode.Click OK to restart in OK mode.

    In addition, you can now easily fix various iPhone related issues like startup circle, frozen, won’t turn on, blank LCD screen. The following steps show how to enter processing mode.