Best Way To Fix Checking Event Log On Windows 7


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    If you know how to check Windows 7 event logs on your computer, this guide might help you. g.Click Start> Control Panel> System and Security> Administrative Tools.Double click Event Viewer.Select the type of connected logs you want to view (for example, Windows logs).




    When a program crashes (procedures stop working or disappear), an excellent event log file can help the development team troubleshoot health problems. To find the event logs, follow these steps:

    1. Click the Windows Start button> type event in the Find plans and files box.
    2. Select Event Viewer
    3. Go to Windows Logging Application,> then look for the latest issue with “Error” in the “Level” column and “Application Error” in the “Source” column.
    4. Copy the text related to the General tab.
    5. Open Notepad, paste text, and save the file as a .txt file.
    6. Or you can take a screenshot of the entire screen and save the result as a .jpg file.
      Steps to take a screenshot:
      a) To take a screenshot, clickmy “Prt Scr” key on your keyboard when you encounter this error.
      b) Then go to Start> Programs> Paint Accessories>.
      c) The paste screen appears when you press “Ctrl + V” or Alt + Edit + Nailed Paste.
      d) Save the file in .jpeg format, then submit it using the link for analysis.
    7. Send us a protocol (.txt or just .jpg).

    Control Panel> Administrative Tools> Event Viewer> Windows Logs> Application> Click an error event> Copy the generic text to the General tab when you tell us to submit.

    Control Panel> Administrative Tools> Event Viewer> Application> Click the entire Error event> Copy the text to the General tab and send it to us.

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    how to check event logs in windows 7

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    Where are Windows 7 event logs stored?

    By default, Event Viewer log files use the extension. evt and are almost always located in the% SystemRoot% System32 Config folder. Log file name and location information normallyo is stored in the registry. You can edit this information to change the default location for someone else’s logging program.

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    how to check event logs in windows 7



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    How do I find Windows event log?

    Open Event Viewer by clicking the Start button. Click Control Panel> System and therefore Security> Administrative Tools, then double-click Event Viewer. Click Windows Logs in the left pane, then select Application.

    What is the event log in Windows 7?

    Event logging starts every time Windows, Vista, or XP starts up. You can use the event log and an administration tool called Event Viewer to troubleshoot various hardware and software problems and / or monitor security events on your personal computer. You can also archive logs in various file formats.