Troubleshooter With Open Comments In Fortran

Recently, some of our readers encountered a bug with a Fortran error comment. This problem can occur for several reasons. Let’s discuss this now.

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    The “Undermined Comment” error occurred when my partner and I did not end a comment with a valid encoding. A single-line comment does not have to end and start with another double slash (//), but multiple web comments must end with */ (an asterisk and a forward slash).

    False “Error: comment not closed”

    I’m drafting this bug as if gfortran would normally look for the end of your own C-style comment.
    Files consist of a fixed contact form and a comment ending only in “/*”.

    I tried to enter my purchase reduction test case under m_comment.for on Linux and failed to multiply the error.

    fortran error unterminated comment

    It may be obvious that there are line endings in RFLCT.FOR even if there are none in subm_comment.for.

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    No, that’s not possible. The problem is that RFLCT than .FOR has an uppercase .FOR
    extension that tells gfortran to require C-style preprocessing, whereas a file with .for
    does not repeat lowercase. C-style preprocessing rather than C-style preprocessing is advantageous with /* and */. Some compilers can handle this (Intel, Sun), but not
    (g95, only some Gfortran).

    Contributed by Smith-Rowland, Edward M
    This could be a flashy RFLCT where .FOR contains line endings but unterm_comment.for does not.

    Message from FX
    style C pre-processed, st Or C trades poorly
    with /* and */. Some compilers have (intel, sun), don’t
    (g95, some gfortran)

    The problem is that most CPP preprocessors do not support Fortran mode. In Fortran mode, comment lines/search comments are completely
    ignored and // also not evaluated as comment characters. See also bug report PR 28662.

    What is unterminated comment error in C language?

    Comments are used to write logic or explain products that you don’t want to compile. There are two types of comments in C language: 1) single line comment and 2) multiline comment. The “Undermined Comment” error occurred when consumers did not complete the comment with a valid character set.

    No, not only that. The problem with the RFLCT is that .FOR has an uppercase .FOR
    extension which tells gfortran to require C-style preprocessing if it doesn’t support a file with a .for<.br>lowercase extension .

    Report on Smith-Rowland, Edward May. m
    It is important that RFLCT.FOR has feedback and unterm_comment.for does not.

    Contributed by Smith-Rowland, Edward M
    I’m getting this error because gfortran would like to get a C
    -style end of statement. Files have a fixed form and a comment ending
    in “/*”.
    I typed my own test with limited circumstances under m_comment.for on Linux
    and could not reproduce the error.
    You may notice that RFLCT.FOR has do-line endings, while
    unterm_comment.for does not. In

    fortran error unterminated comment

    Adding the most relevant previous answers, the receipt line option “-x
    f95 -ffixed-form” may solve your problem.

    burnu Tobias