What Is The Cause Of Error Code 51.2 Y And How Can I Fix It?

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    You may have encountered error message 51.2 y. Now you can take a few steps to fix this problem, and we will do it shortly. g.Each of these error codes (51.2c, 51.2m, 51.2y, and 51.2k) indicates a problem with a different laser scanner assembly with an HP Color LaserJet 4600 Array. To resolve this error code, replace the corresponding laser scanner. A laser scanner is a common part of this printer model.


    51.2 Down is a faulty laser. This means that the laser motor does not reach its operating speed over time.

    The service manual says 2 when the error code is handled by an extra number, but the machine I just serviced is reporting a 51.2-Y error (one letter, no number) indicating a problem indicates a scan yellow laser. assembly. When I switched the yellow laser block (laser block) to blue, the 51.2 Y error turned into a 51.2 C error.

    For monochrome printers using laser light, the scanner motor usually does not start, so the machine usually goes into sleep mode until a person uses it; then you will no doubt get error 51. For color laser devices, after initializing the device, a calibrate is performed.alignment using a special laser scanner. So in the area of ​​color placement, you are likely to get some of the boot error when using sizing.

    Most 51.2 errors are due to blockage of the laser scanner motor with bushings and motor shaft due to dirt and dryness. Unless the constantly running engine is completely stuck, you will most likely hear a loud, sometimes high-pitched sound as the noise approaches calibration and the engine really starts to accelerate.

    It is best to follow the removal procedure in the service manual (p. 311).

    error code 51.2 y

    Remove the top cover of the laser scanner unit and check the motor normally. It should rotate freely. Otherwise, remove the ugly transparent part that holds the engine together, remove the polygonal mirrors from the top, use alcohol to clean the engine base and ring, apply a large amount of fuel bulb to the shaft and open the bushings, reinstall and check Motor.Test

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    to install it, insert it back into the devicebut turn it over so that the other is facing the laser scanner parts. Some laser units are the same, but switching is not a problem and is ideal for testing. When you are done with this challenge, collect the car and test it again. If a certain error message changes the location where you can directly insert the suspicious laser unit, then you know that there is no malfunction in the laser unit and almost everything in between. It’s time to develop a replacement laser scanner that will assemble your equipment [Ref. RG5-6736]

    WARNING: the removal process takes 30-45 minutes, the customer knows what you are doing and has to remove many auto parts. Most likely, this breakdown will require a possible replacement of the entire laser scanner. So I’ll let you decide how far you want to go before putting out the details. In this article, I just wanted to give you some troubleshooting tips if you are unsure and want to check if the problem is really laser protection.

    I’m going to let go of the secret of grease with old ellipticalsIn training simulators, where laser scanners are harder and harder to find or are actually more expensive. For machines that have relatively cheap parts and can easily return them, I tell every customer that I had a computer temporarily, but I would recommend replacing the entire laser scanner altogether to avoid harmful reviews.

    error code 51.2 y

    Note. The mirrors in each of our polygons are extremely motor-sensitive. When handling mirrors, try not to touch them, and if you notice any chunks of parts that hold your back together, obviously use a cotton swab or soft cloth and gently wipe down our own mirrors. Scratches, dirt, or oil marks on the mirrors affect the quality of the text, and removing them requires disassembling the washer for cleaning before replacing.

    By the way, I am not showing the procedure for removing cosmetic laser scanners at this exhibition, as it is a rather complicated method. However, you can access lessons in the Service Manual, which can be found here on the Market Point website.

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    This software will fix your PC - download it now to get started.