How To Troubleshoot Dell Server PCie Paused Learning Errors

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    Here are some simple steps that can help you fix system suspend when Dell Server PCie learning fails. PCIe learning error: System disabled by slot X (or onboard I / O bridge X). Try to remove any expansion card and start the server. If the device starts up correctly, then it is definitely an expansion card! If the dilemma persists, try removing the riser completely.

    We are competing for a new lens for the old GSA PowerEdge R720xd server.

    After spending some time in the BIOS and finding several messages that this is not possible on the GSA server, we decided to replace the motherboard with a standard PowerEdge R720xd.

    It seems to work efficiently, the system boots, RAM and both processors are recognized, but it is possible that this is shown below…

    It is not possible to enter BIOS directly, the control lifecycle is always displayed when a certain message is displayed, right?

    When we reinserted the RAID card, we emitted a crackling sound and the small LED on the card is blinking, but this message is still displayed.

    How do I fix system halted error on Dell server?

    Launch the setup screen by immediately pressing and holding F2 when the system is fully operational.Select Boot.Select the boot device priority and press Enter.Press F9 to select Default Settings.Follow the instructions to accept all default settings; Press F10 to save.Reboot, after which the error should disappear.

    Am I missing something? Is this method because there might still be some kind of RAID configuration on the card? Is there a way to remove one without going straight to the RAID setup?

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    The same “Failed to find out PCle: the location of the internal memory.” I replaced one of the PCIe RAID controller capacitors that were often showing signs of consolidation (oversized chassis). 1500 μF at 6.3 V. The process starts now and lasts more than 24 hours.

    addressed on 6 November ’12 at 19:01

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    We were able to trigger this situation by disabling it, starting it, checking and reinserting most of the riser / PCI cards, etc. and connections.

    We’ve also tried multiple power outages, reboots, and modern disc ejects.

    answered Sep 12 ’11 at 10:19

    dell server pcie training error system halted


    Dell Poweredge servers are manufactured with PCIe Gen 3 only. If you suspect it is a Gen2 or Gen1 card, you will encounter a provisioning error.

    CheckPCIe configuration. If the product is PCIe with FPGA config find config and bitfile and it should only be Gen3.

    We also ran into this problem and finally found my friend.

    dell server pcie training error system halted

    Retired May 5, 2017 14:39

    I have seen this issue on various Dell 11G (R610) and 12G (R620 / R720) systems. While I’m sure of the nature of the problem, it’s just a hardware compatibility issue.

    In this case, the system will work fine on first boot, but hot-boot without shutting down and back on again will cause an error. On the one hand, I just made sure the hosting servers were turned off and back on rather than rebooting now, but eventually some kind of replacement would be needed to fix the problem.

    One of the errors I received was caused by installing a PCIe USB3 a.0 card. Moving it to a different location didn’t help, but replaced it with A USB3 a.0 adapter that uses a different chipset to solve the problem. In another case, installing an Intel X520 10GbE card directly from the card to a Dell R610 in a good R620 caused the problem, but replacing the Intel card with a Silicon Image card (which uses a specific Intel chipset) fixed the issue. This is quite surprising as Dell firmware usually supports Intel X520 (and R620 lifecycle manager and even firmware update for me), but still resulted in PCIe learning error.

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    Ultimately this challenge in the market seems to be related to it – if you get a PCIe learning error, replace the block in question with a different version.

    answered at 3:11 am on Jun 30


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