How To Solve The Problem With The Canon I950 Printer

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    This guide identifies some potential causes that can help you troubleshoot your Canon i950 printer and then suggests various solutions to the problem. Three (3) eclairs: The paper output tray is closed. / Paper jam. If opening the output tray does not completely solve the problem, or if the tray was originally opened, a paper jam may occur. Remove the jammed paper, normally load the paper in the printer correctly, and then press the RESUME / CANCEL switch on the printer.

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    Item number: ART137612 | Date of publication: 05/13/2015 | Date of final update: 10/04/2018


    Error in the entire printer. The number of rapid flashes indicates the type of error (see below)… Investigate the cause and take appropriate action.

    Two (2) flashes:
    No newspapers or paper jams
    Load paper correctly and press the RESUME / CANCEL button.
    Three name = “pgfId-1168573″> (3) blinking:
    Paper Jam
    If a paper jam occurs in the printer, clear the jam, carefully load the paper into the printer, and then press the RESUME / button.

    See paper jam

    (4) four flashes:
    Ink tank empty
    If you press the RESUME / CANCEL button, printing will continue with the specified empty ink tank. However, if printing is possible, replace the ink tank immediately. If you continue to print with an empty ink tank, your printer may be damaged. Name = “pgfId-1194951″>
    canon i950 printer troubleshoot

    More information on replacing the ink tank

    Six (6) eclairs:
    Printhead not installed
    Install the head.
    Seven (7) Lightning Bolts:
    Defective print th head
    Eight (8) flashes:
    The ink tank remains sufficiently full
    The printer name = “pgfId-1167951″> has a built-in waste ink reservoir that is used to evacuate the print head. Eight blinks means the remaining ink tank is nearly full. Press the RESUME / CANCEL button to clear most errors and continue printing.

    Notice Once the waste ink reservoir is usually full, printing is virtually impossible.
    POWER indicator blinks green and orange alternately Turn off the printer and unplug it from the power source. Connect the devices and turn the tattoo back on.

    Why is my Canon printer connected but not printing?

    The main reasons why the Canon model does not print are shown below: Print jobs get stuck next to the printer queue. Bad drivers or possibly no wired connection prevents most printers from printing. The performance of this printer fluctuates.

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