Bugfix: How To Fix Busybox 1 TFTP Server Error, File Not Found

You may encounter an error code indicating that the busybox tftp server error 1 file was not found. There are several ways to solve this problem, and we’ll talk about them shortly.

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    I also need the real tftp syntax to get the file being placed. My end goal is still to use busybox tftp (preferably this is the second question), but the test with a local Ubuntu TFTP client might even fail.

    busybox tftp server error 1 file not found

    As seen below, ftp is not a problem, tftp is just a problem. And this is an internet loop, so it shouldn’t have anything to do with iptables (again, ftp no problem). To avoid problems with long paths, I check if only the home directory is present.

      xb @ dnxb: / tmp $ grep anon_root /etc/vsftpd.confanon_root = / home / xiaobai /xb @ dnxb: / tmp $ snake / home / xiaobai / haha7thxb @ dnxb: / tmp $ ftp with (vsFTPd 3.0.3)Name ( anonymous331 Provide your password often.Password:230 Registration successful.The remote system set is UNIX.Using the file editing mode.ftp> get hahalocal: ha ha ha ha200 deleted: PORT command completed successfully. Consider using PASV.150 Opening a BINARY data connection for a few haha ​​(2 bytes).226 Translation completed.2 bytes written in 0.00 seconds (6.5541 kB / s)ftp> 221 goodbye.xb @ dnxb: / tmp $ tftp> bu  h hahaError code 1: file not foundtftp> / home / xiaobai / hahaError code 1: file found insteadGet output from tftp> / home / xiaobai / hahaError code 1: file not foundtftp> set / home / xiaobai / hahaLaw error 1: file not foundtftp> haha ​​locationError code 1: file not found permanentlytftp> xb @ dnxb: / tmp $ dpkg-query -W -f = '$ Description  n  n $ Home  nAdministrator: $ Administrator  n  n' tftpTrivial Walk File Client Protocol Tftp is the user interface for the Internet Protocol TFTP (Trivial File Transfer Protocol) that allows users to transfer files to you and from a remote computer. The remote host can be specified on the command line used in tftp The host as host does not pay for future transfers.http://www.hcs.harvard.edu/~dholland/computers/netkit.htmlLead: Ubuntu Developer xb @ dnxb: / tmp $ 
      xb @ dnxb: / tmp $ tftp -v -c generate hahaUsage: tftp hostname [port]tftp> xb @ dnxb: / tmp $xb @ dnxb: / tmp $ tftp -v -c get / home / xiaobai / hahaUsage: tftp hostname [port]tftp> xb @ dnxb: / tmp $xb @ dnxb: / tmp $ tftp -v -c hahaUsage: need to enter hostname tftp [port]tftp> xb @ dnxb: / tmp $ tftp -v put / home / xiaobai / hahaUsage: tftp hostname [port]tftp> ^ F? Invalid ordertftp> xb @ dnxb: / tmp $xb @ dnxb: / tmp $ 

    And maybe this answer (to comment out or have little effect, I chose Vsftpd restart service after editing):

      xb @ dnxb: / tmp $ grep server_args /etc/xinetd.conf# server_args = -crophone -s / tftpbootxb @ dnxb: / tmp $ 

    It would be better if someone could only reply via busybox tftp which has another option:

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      # busybox-tftpBusyBox v1.22.1 bionic (2017-11-04 +0800) 12:54 pm binary multi-call.Use: tftp [OPTIONS] HTE [PORT]File transfer from / to server tftp -l FILE FILE local        -n FILE FILE deleted        -g get file        -p insert file 

    I am using Minicom on Kali Linux (Linux 4.6.0-kali1-amd64 x86_64 mount)in Linux built-in on stm32f746g floppy disk.

    After starting the tftp protocol, there is currently an Ethernet connection with the card, build the kernel immediately and put the actual image in the appropriate directory ( tftpboot stm32f7 uImage is the path and call to the image), I am the first Minicom that communicates with the motherboard.

    Communication with the card works fine, but the problem is that themouth can’t read something. You can see the kernel image even on the right path:

      STM32F746-DISCO> resetreset to defaults ...Submarine 2010.03 (21.12.2015 - 04:18:19)Processor: STM32F7 (Cortex-M7)Frequencies: SYSCLK = 200 MHz, HCLK = 200 MHz, PCLK1 = 50 MHz, PCLK2 = 100 MHzChart: STM32F746 Discovery Rev. 1.A, www.emcraft.comDRAM: 8MBConsistentlyOff: serialError: serializedNetwork: STM32_MACPress any button to prevent automatic start: 0Auto-negotiation ... completed.STM32_MAC: related link UP (100 / completed)Using the STM32_MAC deviceTFTP between server; our IP address is file name is 'stm32f7 / uImage'.Boot address: 0xc0007fc0Loading: 1.TFTP error: "File found far from" (1)Don't try anymore ...Wrong image format for Bootm commandERROR: Failed to get kernel image! `` 
      root @ DESKTOP-26MQUER: / tftpboot / stm32f7 # ls -ladrwxrwxrwx 2 underlying the 4096 root directory of generation 12, 16:06.drwxrwxrwx 3 master key 4096 gen ten 14:36 ​​..-rw-r - r-- 1 zero root cause Gen 12 16:06 pippo-rwxrwxrwx 1 major 1384352 root gen 12 16:02 uImage 

    busybox tftp server error 1 file not found

      root @ DESKTOP-26MQUER: / tftpboot / stm32f7 # panther /etc/xinetd.d/tftpTftp serviceProt  col is the same as udpConnection = 69socket_type means dgramwait = yesRoot userserver / usr / sbin / in = .tftpdserver_args = / tftpbootdeactivate means no 

    Note that this xinetd service is active.I will not understand the problem, I will be grateful for any advice.

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