What Causes Application Popups – Too Little Virtual Memory And How To Fix It

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    Over the past few days, some readers have reported to us that they are experiencing application pop-ups – The minimum virtual memory is too low.

    How do I fix low virtual memory in Windows?

    When Windows runs out of memory to work with, it accesses the virtual memory used to store less-used memory-bound pages in a file called pagefile.sys.

    Virtual Memory

    Virtual Memory is used by Windows as a memory management tool for multitasking. This expands the working memory and allows the computer to run more concepts at the same time by switching lower priority data to the allocated space on each hard drive of our computer. The amount of virtual memory is set by default, but you can increase it if necessary.

    application popup windows - virtual memory minimum too low

    What does the pop-up message “Your computer is low on memory” literally mean?

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    h2>Disadvantage memory is a critical issue that undermines Windows-style computer multitasking and disrupts the familiar user interface. If this type of shortage occurs frequently, the system will pop up when performing resource-intensive activities.tv, such as playing video quests and working with graphics, and usually even any error with the message “Your computer may not have enough memory.” whether the user regularly browses the Internet or performs normal word processing. The warning is probably just the tip of this iceberg, which may, among other things, reveal a discrepancy between the installed RAM and the combined needs of all applications in use. Most of the resources that modern software must allocate to function properly tend to increase over time, with the result that aging PCs actually reach a point where they can no longer meet these requirements. While the obvious nuts and bolts are the problem, there are other factors that can trigger an annoying situation.

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