An Easy Way To Fix Problems With 0x800706ba Nlb

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    Here are a few simple steps that may help you resolve the 0x800706ba nlb problem.

    I have two standalone Windows 2003 Server SP1. I may have nodeA in a high quality cluster, but nodeB is having issues when I try to join a server in a
    cluster. The password for the local website is the same,
    they have always belonged to the same workgroup. I have McAfee Entercept on both servers,
    but according to McAfee this shouldn’t normally affect Microsoft NLB; I’ll try this though. Should the LAN connection properties be set to the same services? Ideas? Thank you.

    3) DCOM cannot communicate with irvwebhost4’s laptop or computer using
    designed protocols.

    I’m not new to NLB, but this bug will most likely be fixed like this:

    Verify that RPC is possible from host to host, Desktop Management
    Interface using RPC.

    My work; Associating multiple VMs with Microsoft NLB, 2 minute job, right? Wrong!

    Why? Because my 2nd VM was a copy of the 1st. i

    After the newly created virtual machine was set up, they ran the toolt NLB Manager and started creating a new organizational cluster. Cluster set up… added VM to cluster first, no problem.

    I then tried to add a second virtual machine… I ran into this error:

    Googling I found this MS support article http://support.microsoft.com/kb/828258

    Because I cloned a second VM, this method meant that the network adapters in the VMs had the same GUIDs when they registered, and obviously NLB doesn’t like matching GUIDs.

    1. The lazy method (which I used first)
    2. Here I found the recommended solution (which I use now that I’m a cowboy).

  • Add a new NIC to each VM trying to cluster it.
  • Remove the configuration and just disable the primary network adapter.
  • Configure the current network card
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    You should now have time to add two virtual machines to the NLB cluster.

  • Enter “device manager” on both VMs
  • Expand Network Adapters and click the rightclick on the network adapter you really want to add to the NLB configuration.
  • Select Delete. Network adapter removed.
  • You then want to re-add the network adapter, which will likely generate a new GUID for it. To do this, right-click the name of the best servers at the top of the Device Manager list and select Scan for hardware changes. This will definitely re-detect the NIC and give it a nice new GUID. Exit
  • Now go to Device Manager
  • Reconfigure the network card
  • Now you can add both virtual machines to the NLB cluster.

    Now that I was able to add the VM directly to the cluster, I ran into the following errors:

    Ignore this, but the VM seems to converge fine with the current cluster.

    This article was originally posted on Alan Renouf’s blog and is actually on it. I just want to thank Alan for letting me post visitor info on his wonderful blogand VirtualizationPowershell.

    0x800706ba nlb

    Update. While reading Ken Kline’s excellent program of articles called The Great vSwitch Debate, Ken brought to my attention some particularly important information about creating an NLB cluster with virtual machines. So my family and I thought I would share what it has to offer. .

  • If you want to set up virtual machines in a unicast network load balancing (NLB) cluster, you need to enable the MAC address change feature, also known as the NLB cluster feature. Multicast NLB cluster is not required when this situation feature is enabled.
  • To allow unicast NLB configurations, you must select fake transfer to set to Accept.
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