Fix Access Error 006 Asp 0178 Server.createobject

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    Sometimes your system may display an error code indicating an access error 006 asp 0178 server.createobject. There can be several reasons for this problem.

    This will help you investigate the “ASP error 0178” that occurs when instantiating a COM object.

    Original product release: Internet Information Services
    Original KB number: 198432


    When instantiating a COM component on an out-of-process server (exe) of Active Server Pages (ASP), the following error should occur:

    Server object error ‘ASP 0178! 80070005’
    Access error Server.CreateObject
    testOOP.Line asp, 12
    Server.Failed to call createobject while checking permissions.
    Access to this object is denied.


    The appropriate permissions for and access to launch the Out-Of-Process com (OOP) object have not been set.


    You must grant permissions to attach to IUSR_ to run and access someone’s OOP COM object with dcomcnfg DCOMCNFG,

    1. Run by clicking “Start”, selecting “Run” and typing Dcomcnfg in the “Run” dialog box.

    2. 006 asp 0178 server.createobject access error

      On the “Security Default” tab, click the “Change Default” tab in the case of “Default Access Permissions”. Discussion is displayedscope in permissions for registry values.

    3. Add the IUSR_ account and its INTERACTIVE account to the registry in the Value Permissions dialog box and click OK.

    4. On the Default Security tab, Default Launch Permissions section, click Change Default Settings. The Registry Permission Values ​​dialog box appears.

    5. Add the IUSR_ profile to the Registry Value Permissions dialog and click OK.

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  • Created
    006 asp 0178 server.createobject access error

    I have a DLL in Visual Basic 6. And I’m trying to use it directly from classic ASP code:

    set obj means Server.CreateObject("a.b")


    asp server.Error accessing createobject
    a reference to a call to Server.CreateObject failed to validate a read-write operation. Access to the following object is denied.
    Bug number = -2147024891

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    I tried to create a user iusr_cmpname and give it Des permissions to the default website and virtual directory on this page as well. I would beIt is blessed with regsvr32 DLLs.

    I went to disable “Enable Windows Features” and selected IIS/World Wide Web Services/Application Development Features, then disabled ASP, ASP.net, extensions, and isapi for ISAPI filesystems.

    I’ve been lucky enough to get a lot of leads on various newsgroups, but I can ignore that.Tried last year before New Year there and 1/2 ago and same problem. Since this problem could not be solved, we returned to Windows NT. We never had this problem on NT.

    Now our team is trying to get this done again as soon as possible so we can make sure you’re running Windows 7 again. It looks like most people have had this problem, but all the solutions they’ve found and been blessed with work not. seems to be the language I need.

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